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Switch from Electric to Propane Appliances and Fire Up Performance

Compared to electric, upgrading to propane appliances makes a lot of sense (and can save you a lot of cents). You’ll enjoy better performance, longer unit life, higher energy efficiency and lower emissions. Here are a few facts about the benefits of propane appliances.

Stove or Cooktop

Cooking with propane costs half as much as cooking with electricity, especially when you choose a unit with pilotless ignition. In addition to being less expensive to operate, propane performs better than electric. Professional chefs overwhelmingly prefer gas to electric cooktops, and since a gas oven offers more moisture than an electric oven, it’s better for baking.

Water Heater

Propane water heaters recover much faster than electric water heaters. This means your home’s hot water capacity can double, just by switching to propane. When comparing life cycle cost (the purchase and operating cost combined with the estimated unit life), propane water heaters are often less expensive because the units last longer (lower replacement cost) and operate more efficiently.

Clothes Dryer

A propane clothes dryer will reach the temperature you need faster than an electric unit, and it’s gentler on clothes. In addition to these performance benefits, propane dryers have a much longer life, and can save up to 50 percent in energy costs compared to electric dryers.

Aside from the propane and energy-efficiency gains, upgrading to propane appliances can qualify you for rebates from the Kentucky Propane Education and Research Council (KPERC). You can receive up to $400 for a safely installed water heater, and $150 for a range or cooktop. You can learn more about these rebates from the Kentucky Propane Education and Research Council.

The cost, lifespan and energy efficiency of propane appliances can vary by manufacturer and model. There are many options to consider. If you’d like more information about the perks of propane appliances, our customer service team would be happy to talk with you. Bring your questions to us; we’re here to help.

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