Fixed Price

payment plan for propane energy

Secure Your Payments and Save with Our Fixed Price Plan.

Propane prices fluctuate throughout the year. If you don’t have secured rates, you might get burned.

Greenwell’s Propane Gas customers who choose our Fixed Price Plan save big and are able to better plan their budget. If you pay your balance within 10 days of delivery, you will receive a 5 cent discount per gallon. In addition to saving dollars, you can also automate your payment to fit your busy lifestyle.

For more information about our Fixed Price Plan, please contact us.

Fixed Price Plan

  • No more ups and downs – enjoy a fixed rate through March 31st.
  • Requires $50 enrollment fee. Must not have outstanding balance at time of enrollment.
  • Fixed price to be determined.
  • Automatic delivery (no partial fills or minimum deliveries).
  • Prompt payments required (within 30 days of delivery), or will be re-billed at market price.
  • Pay within 10 days of delivery and receive 5-cent per gallon discount.
  • Automated payment options available.

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