propane company history

Greenwell Brothers Propane was founded by Henry and Paul Greenwell in the late 1940's. Initially, the brothers wired houses for electricity in Spencer and neighboring counties. Soon, they started delivering propane in bottles and expanded to bulk delivery by installing furnaces to boost their gas sales. Over the years, they sold appliances, paint, hardware, electronics, furniture and flooring.

And, instead of Greenwell brothers, Greenwell sisters, Jennifer & Rachel (daughters of Henry) operate the business.


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Greenwell’s Propane Gas Supports Breast Cancer Research


Fighting breast cancer is a cause that’s been near and dear to the Greenwell’s Propane Gas family since the 1970s when Mary Lucy Greenwell was diagnosed with the disease.

Four Questions to Ask When Buying a Home with Propane Heat


Buying a home with propane heat? Congratulations! Propane-powered homes are more efficient and eco-friendly. Make sure you have all the info about the propane system by asking these four questions: