Is it time to upgrade to propane appliances?

Is your home outfitted with outdated appliances? Upgrading to propane appliances can pay big dividends now and in the future. You’ll receive better performance and save money on lower fuel bills by improving your home’s propane efficiency. Also, rebates mean you can see an immediate return on investment.   

Take a look at your old electric furnace and electric water heater. If they’re ready to replace, upgrading to a propane water heater and a heat pump with propane backup will save you money over time in energy efficiency. You should replace your furnace or stove if it’s more than fifteen years old. Your water heater should be replaced after 10 years. However, even if your appliances haven’t reached their maximum life expectancy, poor performance or frequent repairs make it smart to replace them. Upgrading to new propane appliances or a new propane heating system will save you time and money.

Smart upgrades can pay you back in lower fuel bills or even rebates faster than you think. Replacing a standard electric furnace with a high-efficiency propane furnace will increase your home’s energy efficiency by 15 percent – that could translate into big savings on your bill!

If you replace your electric water heater with a propane water heater, you can benefit from significant energy savings over time. A tankless propane water heater is even more efficient than a propane water heater with a tank, and has a 50 percent longer life expectancy than a storage unit.

Compared to the long-term cost of higher fuel bills, and the inconvenience and time lost to repairing older appliances, upgrading to propane appliances is a worthwhile investment. If you’d like to learn more about how propane appliances can upgrade your home, contact us today.

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