Why Propane Is the Best Grilling Option

As the weather warms up this summer, many of our customers will be grilling out. Aside from great flavor and reduced fat, grilling lets you avoid heating up your kitchen. If you’re going to be grilling often, propane is by far the fastest, most convenient option.

A propane grill is ready whenever you are; no need to start the fuel a half-hour before it’s time to start cooking. It’s also more reliable. There’s nothing more disappointing than having to pull food off the grill and finish it indoors because your charcoal cooled off before it was done.

Propane also offers the best flavor. According to the book Modernist Cuisine, that “chargrilled flavor” comes from the drippings, not the fuel. The oils, sugars, and proteins from the drippings create smoke that rises to infuse your food. And your food won’t ever taste like lighter fluid when you grill with propane.

All this talk of grilling has our friendly staff at Greenwell’s Propane Gas hungry. If you’d like to get some delicious recipes for grilling out, the Propane Council’s “Grilling for Heroes” campaign is giving away a cookbook in exchange for a small donation to “Hope For The Warriors,” which benefits post-9/11 service members.

And don’t forget, we’re bringing back Ten Buck Tuesdays. Until Labor Day, you can get a 20-pound grill cylinder topped off for about $10 or half-price on Tuesdays. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

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Why Propane Is the Best Grilling Option


You can rely on propane gas to be the fastest, most convenient way to grill this summer that'll have your food tasting great.